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Air Sponge Memory Foam Soft Comfortable Tips Replacement For Airpods Pro

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Product description

  • product name: Air Sponge Tips for Airpods Pro
  • Material: Air Sponge
  • Color: Black
  • Function: Tips Replacement
  • Feature: Great Feeling
  • MOQ: 50Pcs
  • Package: Delicate Retail Package
  • Sample: Free Sample Available
  • OEM/ODM: Warmly Welcome
1. Wear it for a long time without pain but soft￯ᄐフAir sponge material, comfortable to wear, no pressure
2.Fits the contours of the ear canal￯ᄐフErgonomic fit design, fully fit the contour of the ear canal, comfortable to wear for a long time, no pain
3.Free extension and contraction,reducing ear canal fatigue.Air sponge has strong deformability and recovery,will not cause sound fluctuations due to deformation,reduce ear canal irritation and fatigue
4.Designed for comfort￯ᄐフEliminate noise, protect hearing, flexible and comfortable, fit the shape of the ear
5.Comfortable to wearand not easy to fall off￯ᄐフlt fits the ear canal better than silicone earmuffs and it is not easy to fall off when strenuous exercise
6.Real earphone moldingand precise matching￯ᄐフDesigned for AirPods Pro.
7.Mini compact and easy to carry￯ᄐフMini and exquisite, easy to carry, no burden,easy to hide in pockets, wallets, etc.
8.Ears hug health￯ᄐフWashing can solve the long-wearing bacteria growth problem.
9.Wear without pressure￯ᄐフyou can wear air sponge to sleep

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Payment:PayPal,VISA,Western Union,T/T,Other

Place of Origin:ChinaSupply Ability:5000 piece per week

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